Tele2 provides a best-effort test 6RD relay service to Tele2 customers (the relay IPv4 address is not globally reachable). This is not officially supported, so any question or feedback regarding this should be sent to ipv6-ops_at_tele2.net

If your device supports 6RD, you can configure it to use Tele2 6RD relay by entering the following information into your home router:

6rd Prefix = 2a00:860::
Border Relay Address =
6rd prefix length = 28
IPv4 mask length = 0

Here are example screenshots from home devices we have been able to obtain and know that works.

Screenshot from D-link DIR-655 B1:

Screenshot from D-link DIR-655

D-Link claims the following European devices and hardware revisions work with 6RD (please make sure you're using the latest firmware available for best experience):

For European region, 6rd support model list is show as follow:

  • DIR-815 HW A1 (Verified by Tele2 as working with static config)
  • DIR-825 HW B1
  • DIR-655 HW B1 (Verified by Tele2 as working with static config)
  • DIR-652 HW A1
  • DIR-600 HW B5

We would appreciate screen shots from working configurations on other devices, so if your device is not on the list and you find that it's working fine, please send a report to ipv6-ops_at_tele2.net and with the make and model (including hardware revision and software version), and if you can, please include a screen shot of the configuration that is working for you. Thanks!