Q: Is Tele2 IPv6 enabled?

A: Yes and no. Our core network (AS1257) is fully IPv6 enabled and has been so since mid-2008. We have actively been peering since late 2008 and reach most of the IPv6 Internet over the same paths we reach it for IPv4. We are currently working on enabling IPv6 connectivity the last mile so our customers can enjoy the simple life brought by IPv6.

Q: How do I get IPv6 from Tele2?

A: That depends. Please review the cases listed on this page and find the entry matching your conditions.

Q: I'm a residential customer; How do I get native IPv6 from Tele2?

A: Tele2 does very sparsely offer native IPv6 to residential customers in Sweden.

Q: I'm a business customer; How do I get native IPv6 from Tele2?

A: Talk to your sales representative and/or the busiess support team.

Q: I'm a mobile customer; How do I get native IPv6 from Tele2?

A: Tele2s entire mobile network is IPv6 enabled, if you have a decvice supporting IPv6 it will work automatically.

  • Sweden:
    Depending upon access technology (fiber vs DSL and so forth) and PE router it might be possible to receive native IPv6. In case it is not possible, tunneled IPv6 to one or more central tunneling routers in Tele2s network can be offered. Please consult your account manager for more information.

Q: I'm a IP transit customer; How do I get IPv6 transit from Tele2?

A:It is most likely available for your circuit in case you are a international customer of Tele2. If the BGP router you are receiving your table from is part of AS1257, you are probably a customer of Tele2 International Wholesale. In cases where it is not possible, we offer tunneled services up to Gigabit speeds. Please consult your account manager.